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Hey everyone!

The next installment of The Passion Translation is NOW available: Proverbs, Wisdom from Above!

Next in 2014 we hope to publish the Gospel of John — Eternal Love! I’m truly being changed by this project and I know it will affect the English speaking world for generations to come. Here’s a short sample from John… thanks for letting your friends know about the project and make sure you have some spare copies for your Pastor and friends! Blessing and love — Brian Simmons


“I don’t teach My own ideas,[1] but the truth revealed to Me by the One who sent Me. ¹⁷If you want to test My teachings and discover where I received them, first be passionate to do God’s will[2] and then you will be able to discern if My teachings are from the heart of God or from My own opinions. ¹⁸Charlatans praise themselves and seek honor from men, but My Father sent Me to speak truth on His behalf. And I have no false motive, because I seek only the glory of God.”

John 7:16-18 TPT

[1] 7:16 Or, “My doctrine is not My own.”

[2] 7:17 The Aramaic is very poetic, “Whoever is satisfied to do God’s satisfaction shall gain liberating knowledge.”