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MarkGod has given the world a treasure with the gospel of Mark! Mark unveils the Lord Jesus as the true Servant of God; holy, harmless, and merciful! As Gods Servant, we find Jesus busy healing, teaching, and working wonders throughout this beautiful gospel. Mark records nearly three times as many miracles as parables. This is a gospel of miracles and there is a freshness and vigor about Mark that is gripping to the reader.

As the briefest of the four gospels, you will enjoy reading of Jesus supreme power over both the invisible and visible worlds. He is Master over creation, man, and the devil, for he is the perfect Servant who came to do the Father s will. Mercy triumphs in every page of the gospel of Mark. You will fall in love with this splendid Man, Jesus Christ, as you read this inspired account of his life. Now is the time to become a fervent follower of the Servant of the Lord!

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