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A Year of Miracles! – Newsletter October 2016



“A year of supernatural grace and fulfillment

(year 5777 on the Jewish calendar)

A year of miracles!”

Dear Stairway Family,

We want to thank all of you that prayed with us through my mom’s recent illness and death. What would we do without all your prayers and kind messages. Thank you so much!

Since her passing we’ve been caring for my 90-year-old father and helping him to adjust during his time of grieving. Other things have had to take a backseat (like our last letter). We had to let last month pass by, but now we’re back on track again! Thank you for your patience!

As most of you know every year on Rosh Hashana (the beginning of another new year on the Jewish calendar) I ask the Lord for words about the coming year. Here’s a compilation of dreams, visions and words that the Lord spoke to me that night.

A year of supernatural grace and fulfillment! (Year 5777 on the Jewish Calendar)

1. Glory– This is the year of more glory! We have seen the manifest glory coming more and more in our corporate gatherings, but now we will begin to see more of the manifestation of glory going out with us to the streets, to our homes, schools, workplace and it be released outside the four walls of the church.

2. Oil- This is the year of a miracle anointing being poured out. The Lord spoke to me last month and asked me, “Do you believe in miracles?” Then the next day I heard Him say, “Would you like to see a miracle?” Many believers that have only watched from the sidelines will begin to move with a miracle anointing. On Rosh Hashana I saw in a dream oil being poured out to those who would accept it. I saw people who held out their hands as the Father filled them with oil from heaven.

3. Favor– Many that have been passed over will now be ushered forward into their destiny. And like David in the field and Joseph in the dungeon God will highlight them, bring them out and raise them up.

4. Forgiveness– I heard the Lord say, “Don’t let the bedbugs bite”- Some deep-seated relational issues are going to be put to rest. Things that were once important will no longer be a point of division. Healing is coming to many in the the body. We will begin to see long held rifts dissolved by the love of Christ. Forgiveness will flow like a river from the throne. The waters of forgiveness will go over the heads of people until they realize that they will either sink or swim.

5. Gifts operating in unusual places– I saw a piñata of gifts being broken open. We will see Holy Spirit crossing denominational lines and the gifts will begin to flow in unusual places.

6. Champions arising- Many ministers and Christians who have given up on church and have lost hope of ever being used by God again will join in and take up their positions in the body of Christ. Many had become disheartened and left the church for one reason or another, but this year many are going to hear the voice of the Lord calling them back. They will find their hope renewed in the Lord and His people. And God will raise them up as His Champions.

7. Young Apostles stepping forward- I dreamed of anointed young men and women taking up the mantel of the Apostle and building large networks around the world.

Yes, this year there’s gonna be more grace (5 the number of grace) to move forward toward fulfillment (triple 7- 3 the number of resurrection power and 7 the number of fulfillment) for the church to move from immaturity toward maturity.

We need to rejoice! And again I say rejoice! It’s gonna be a good year for the body of Christ!

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