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Embracing Mystery | April 2020 Newsletter


Dear Passion and Fire family,

Like I said last month and I repeat, God is good, today and forever!

This season of my life the Lord has been reminding me of this over and over in my dreams. I think it’s because I and everyone else needs to hear it now more than ever. We need to have this in our hearts and on our lips as we go about our days in this very difficult season. For the enemy is trying his best to distort who God is in our hearts and in our thinking. So, let’s not forget it. “God you are good!”

Embracing Mystery

We wrongly assume that we must understand everything right now. But there are things that we just can’t Google an answer for. There’s always seasons in life that will forever remain a mystery.  But the word of God tells us in 1 Timothy 3:9 “We must faithfully embrace the mysteries of faith while keeping a clean conscience.” It’s Christ that must conquer our soul when we run out of answers. We have no other choice then to trust Him as we wait!

And I hear the Lord saying:

“I have not abandoned you. I’m still on the throne and the enemy will not have the last word in this. For I am with you to strengthen you. Come with me into this Garden of Gethsemane to pray in this hour of testing and waiting. This is not the time to sleep or give up! For I need you to join with me as those who will watch and wait. We will wait together!”

The Hebrew word for wait can mean “to be intertwined with God”, much the same as the strands of a rope are entwined. We have His presence to keep us in that place of being enter-twinement as we wait. He has not left you, but rather He has entwined you with His wrap-around presence!

Our battle cry as we wait!

Psalm 62:1-2 “Lord, we’re waiting as long as it takes for You to rescue us. Only you are our Savior, and You will not fail us. For You alone are our safe place. Your wrap-around presence always protects us as our champion defender. There’s no risk of failure with You! So, why would we let worry paralyze us, even when troubles multiply, for Your glory is all around us! Your wrap-around presence is all we need, for You Lord are our Savior, our Hero, and our life-giving strength.”    

Christmas & Easter

The first weekend of March (before all of the attention shifted to the virus) I was sharing a message with our home church when the Lord said to me, “I’m bringing Christmas and Easter together this year. It will be like a new birth of Christ in your hearts that will release a new resurrection power within you!

I believe this with all my heart. This season has caused many of us to really press into the heart of God more than ever. Many of our props have been pulled out from under us and all that is left to stand on is our firm foundation, Jesus. It has driven many to their knees and into a place of sweet surrender. He’s drawing us all to Himself. He’s the reason we can make it and the reason we live!

(Since I gave this word, I’ve been told by others that on Facebook they’ve seen stories and pictures of houses that people have decorated with Christmas decorations, videos of children singing Christmas carols, poinsettias and Christmas cactuses blooming before their time, people watching Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel, and one of my friends posted that she was making Christmas cookies. This was the first week of March mind you. Who knows what kind of Holy Spirit explosion we’re going to experience this Easter and on! I’m believing to see a mass harvest of souls!)

In this hour many that have never considered God to be a part of their lives are going to start realizing that there’s nowhere else to turn. Some have believed in the concept of Jesus, but have never truly experienced the beauty of His resurrection life and power. And many will cross over in this Passover Season. What the enemy meant for evil the Lord will use for good!

And He’s birthing a new move in us. We, His church will catapult the masses forward with hope, joy and resurrection power as we rebuild in the coming post-Corona-virus season.


The Father is highlighting healing in this season. He’s healing people through the prayers of the Saints as you read this. More and more people will begin to believe God for healing. When it’s you or your loved one that has the Corona-virus you will begin to press into healing really quick.

The reason I say that healing is being highlighted is because I just had a dream where some very powerful healing angels manifested from heaven. And when they ascended from heaven they came down to the pool of Bethesda. And like in the Bible they stirred up the waters and then carried those that were sick to the waters to be healed. And they physically placed the sick in the water and the swirling of the water went on and on and didn’t stop.

John 5:3-4, “Hundreds of sick people were lying there on porches-the paralyzed, the blind and the crippled, all of them waiting for their healing. For an angel of God would periodically descend into the pool to stir the waters, and the first one who stepped into the pool after the waters, swirled would instantly be healed.”

This is a time for us to believe for the healing of the sick around us. It’s time to carry them to the healing waters of Jesus. The shed blood of our savior has caused the healing waters to swirl and it has never stopped. For here’s healing by the power of the blood now and forevermore. The Lord is mighty to heal! We will hear the miracle testimonies. I posted one on my Facebook page, but if you look online, you’ll find many more receiving the supernatural healing of Jesus. For the Lord is saying, “Yes, I am mighty and ready to heal. Will you join me in praying for others to receive it?”

Maybe you’re the one that needs healing right now, place your hand on or over the place that needs it most. And speak the power of the blood of Jesus over your own health, your life and your situation. We’ve been given authority and granted power through our partnership with Christ Jesus our Lord to do the same mighty works that He did and even greater the scripture tells us! And if you’re not healed immediately don’t give up, keep praying the next day and the next until you see your healing manifest.

The enemy has already lost this battle!

I had a dream where I saw Satan falling like lightning.

This is the time for Satan’s plan to be decimated! I saw it! The enemy’s plans are going to and are already beginning to backfire on him. This thing called the Corona-virus will end and we will see lots of changes on the other side. We won’t think or do things the old way. Even the politicians are prophesying that things will never be the same again. This is a birthing time of a new renaissance of ideas!

My January Word for this year 

I decided that I would to go back and look at the word that I put out for this calendar year. It’s our duty as believers to pray over the words we’re given in order to see them fulfilled or pushed back! I’ve already seen many fulfilled.

1.The church will come back to the heart of Jesus and a revival of love will take place.

2.The enemy has a scheme to spread a spirit of defeat and despondency but we will Declare Psalm 18:16 over ourselves and others.

“The Father will reach down from heaven, all the way from the sky to the sea. He will reach down in your darkness to rescue you! He will take you out of calamity and chaos and draw you to Himself, taking you from the depths of your despair!”

3.There will be incredible victories, miracles and breakthroughs this year! Psalm 20:8 says, “Our enemies will not prevail; they will only collapse and perish in defeat while we rise up, full of courage!”

4.Watch as the Father opens His hands and turns financial situations around.

5.In many cities and towns services that were once supplied by city government will see their finances dry up and the church will step in to help.

6.God’s people will be a light on a hill. No longer will they remain hidden from sight, but a beacon of hope in a very dark place.

7.This is the year of the open palm. The palm facing down represents the Father’s hand covering sin (redemption). The Father’s hand facing up represents His hand of provision. He will redeem & He will provide.

8.This will be a year of redemption in various venues; businesses that were crippled and look like they are about to fold, family members that look like they will never change, ministries that look like they’re over and men and women that you’ve given up on will be redeemed in marvelous and miraculous ways in this the year of redemption.

9.The year of the evangelist.

10.Radical kindness through radical giving

11. He’s going release the gift of prophesy through new and unsuspecting people, even in denominational churches.

12.Family breakthroughs

13.Compassion ministries birthed

And finally, the Lord is saying:

“Don’t yield to fear. I am the Beginning and the End, the Living One!” Rev. 1:17-18

 “I am Yahweh, your mighty God! I grip your right hand and won’t let you go! I whisper to you: Don’t yield to fear, I will be there to help you!” Isaiah 41:13

God’s Whisper:

“I am a God who stands watch over you at all times. My eyes rest upon you, not just observing you, but protecting you, keeping you in My care.  I love you! When I consider you, My heart is stirred to act on your behalf. There will no need for worry or anxiety, for My hand is upon you and I will lead you with My eyes upon you. I ask for a deeper kind of confidence that goes beyond the moment and endures for a lifetime. Trust Me, and you will never be disappointed.”


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Yours for transformation, 

Candice Simmons

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