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November 2016

Dear Stairway Family,

2016-11-img1October was an incredible month for us! God continually showered us with His love & favor. We were daily reminded of His goodness! Last month we were in New England at the peak of what they call leaf-peeking season, a time when the autumn leaves are arrayed in all of their glory with yellows reds & beautiful oranges reminding us of God’s glory. I was also able to visit with some of our children and old friends, we ministered in New London and traveled to Canada & New Zealand! To top it all off God has been moving powerfully with salvations & healings at almost every meeting! Wow what a month it was! We are so privileged! Thank you Lord!

And now as we’ve moved into the month of November I’ve heard the Lord say, We’ve moved into a time of wonder and mystery! Get prepared to laugh in the face of the enemy! Not only is God who sits in the heavens laughing (Ps.2:4), but time for you to laugh along with Him!

I was able to watch Alice in wonderland as we flew to New Zealand. I’ve always been intrigued by Alice’s curiosity, joy and wonder in the face of curious and dangerous circumstances. So many times she was totally oblivious to it all!

I felt the Lord say,

“I am going to bring you into a place of wonder in what I am about to do. You will begin to see through the eyes of a child again. And there is no need to worry for I am with you. For I am “The Revealer of Mysteries”. If you will just watch Me you’ll begin to see me reveal myself in circumstance after circumstance. For I am revealing myself in places where I have been hidden in the past. And there is so much more of me for you to discover. It’s going to be like Christmas came early. At times in the past you missed Me because you choose to walk defeated. You missed it because your eyes were not on me, but now you will look to me and will find doors of opportunity just waiting to be pushed open. For you will see Me move in seemingly impossible situations on your behalf, and as faith arises in you you will move through the open doors and you will marvel at my goodness!”

In the movie Alice’s father said,

“The only way to achieve the impossible is to believe it is possible.”

And another place Alice says to her suitor,

My father said that sometimes he believed in six impossible things before breakfast.” It’s time to move out in faith!
Luke 2:37 says, “Not one promise from God is empty of power, for nothing is impossible with God!

Now is not the time to not turn back on your dreams for this is the day of big faith. A couple of months ago I heard the Lord ask me, “When I return will I find faith on the earth?” Immediately I said, ” Yes you will.” And He answered back, “Yes, I will!” The Father says, I am about to blow the cover off of the enemy and his schemes that have hindered you. And once you recognize those plans to hold you back you you will pull those strongholds down! For the enemy has been trying to intimidate you, but you will not be intimidated.

For God is now keeping you in the place of His love. And the enemy is unable to get to you when you are sheltered there. For there is no fear in love. 1 Jo. 4:18
And those who are strong (in His love) will know their God and do exploits! Dan. 11:32
And when you abide in His love your revelation eyes are pure. And such discernment surrounds you, protecting you from the enemy’s advance.SOS 7:4

As I watched the scene of Alice eating the cake, drinking from the bottle & finding a key on the table it all made me think of the Lord’s communion table. And I heard, “I have provided all that you need to pass through whatever test you may be facing. Yes, I have provided you with all that you need. Come commune with me and you will find the key at my table. My beautiful body and my wondrous blood have made a pathway of victory for you! And you have many wonderful years ahead with breakthrough after breakthrough. Things will evolve around you & you will look around & will be amazed at what I have done!”

And finally, in the original manuscript of Alice in Wonderland Alice it has a quote that says, “So many out of the way things had happened lately that Alice began to believe that very few things indeed were impossible!” What seemingly impossible things have been blocking your way lately? Let great faith overtake you. God will show up and your enemies will scatter! Ps. 68:1 “The Lord will work with you!” Acts 16:20 This is the the day of greater faith! And with that greater faith there will be endless possibilities of what you’ll be able to accomplish through Him who loves you!


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