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West Milford, NJ – The Almond Branch Church (TPT Bible School – Revelation: The Unveiling)

The Almond Branch ChurchThe Almond Branch Church
184 Marshall Hill Road
West Milford, NJ

The Passion Translation Bible School is offering a weekend, introductory course on the book of Revelation, in West Milford, New Jersey, October 25-26, 2019! Dr. Brian Simmons, the lead translator of The Passion Translation, will be the instructor.

This course includes 13 hours of in-depth introductory material on the book of Revelation, over the course of one evening and two days. Participants will receive a copy of the study notes for The Unveiling: The Book of Revelation.

This course will cover interpretive models for the book of Revelation with a special emphasis on the Unveiling of Christ within His people. This will be Part 1 of many future sessions that will cover a verse-by-berse study of this vital portion of Scripture. It is a requirement to take this course to prepare you to attend future courses on The Unveiling.

The key is in the title of the book. It is the Revelation (UNVEILING) of Jesus Christ. It is more than a manual on coming events, it is the unveiling of Immanuel, the King, our Lord Jesus.

One misconception shared by some is that the Revelation has nothing of importance to say to us. It’s considered to be merely a bizarre piece of first-century writing with no relevance for today. Another ideas is that the Revelation is simply a code book describing a specific outline of history written in advance. Countless interpreters have tried to “decode” the book from a historical perspective to find all the major world events of the past 2000 years. Others interpret it more literally as a handbook for predicting the cataclysmic events that will bring the final wrath of God and the end of the world.

But, there is yet another viewpoint that must guide us through this incredible book of mysteries. Only the Holy Spirit can unveil Christ to the unbeliever, and only the Holy Spirit can unveil the glory of Jesus Christ to those who know him. This is THE book inspired by the Holy Spirit which will present CHRIST (not anti-christ) to us like no other portion of Scripture. You will never see the Revelation the same way after taking this course.

Course Schedule:
Fri, 10/25: 9:00am-4:30pm
Sat, 10/26: 9:00am-4:30pm
Please plan to be at the course on time. The majority of the scheduled time is used for actual teaching.
Register early. Space is limited. We can’t wait to see you in West Milford!