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Discernment is looking for what’s good.


True discernment finds what is good, pure, lovely.

Discernment is looking for what’s good, not for what’s evil. It comes from a dox doxmazo is the word and it comes from the concept of what is pleasing.

So you’re looking for what is pleasing, not what is putrid. So a godly leader’s desire for integrity is a longing to both walk and think in the way of Jesus.

Integrity in our thoughts is a tether that keeps us from wandering into cul de sacs of depression of evil thinking, suspicion, criticism whether it’s about us or other people. We have a default that it’s called Holy Spirit.

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Dr. Simmons is the author of numerous books that promote the redemption and reconciliation of the nations through Christ and extension of His kingdom. His bestselling book, The Journey of the Bride, has been translated into Korean and French and has now been reprinted as The Sacred Journey.
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