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God has raised you up in these last days to be a leader.


Like never before, the Church of Jesus Christ needs a new model of leader. We talk a lot about the wineskin as though it were a church structure when, in fact, the wineskin is the heart. God needs to give us new hearts for this generation, so that we would be the leaders He is calling in this hour to rise up and come away. Leaders who have been kissed by the bridegroom, who are passionate in their intimate walk with Jesus Christ, who are spiritually mature, who have been dealt with thoroughly by God, who have been sifted and tested, like many of you. Through your hardships, God has raised you up in these last days to be a leader. 

Let’s pray:

Father, thank you so much that Jesus is our model, that the Jesus style of leader will take over the body of Christ. In these last days, we ask that you would raise up women and men, young and old, to lead by example, to lead not by the force of personality, not because they can gather a crowd or take charge in a room, but because of the radiating glorious presence of Jesus Christ coming through their life. 

I ask for each one that’s part of this Jesus style leadership that you’ll grip us, teach us, and speak to us. Help us to change. Mess with us tonight, God. Do what you want to do and what you need to do in our lives to make us more like you. In Jesus’s name, amen. 

You are a leader. Let there be no false humility, no hiding behind an excuse, saying, “I don’t really have any leadership authority.” No, you do. You have been given all authority through Jesus Christ, our Lord, to go into all the world, preach the gospel, teach all nations, disciple, baptize, walk in the spirit, and be an example. 

I am honored and thrilled that we have women that are part of this Jesus style of leadership. God is raising up the women in these last days to lead, preach, teach, and take their role as mama bears to be mighty champions in the spirit. Anything that limits men or women from the calling of God in their life is not the Holy Spirit. God is speaking in these last days, and He’s using women to prophesy and minister all over the nations of the earth. Why would we limit God’s work to just being led by men? I’m way past that, and I hope you are too. 

Leadership is not a gender issue. It is a spiritual issue. It is a heart issue. Every person has a role of leadership in somebody’s life. If you have a family, you are a leader. If you have a job, you have a measure of leadership. Some of you have great authority in a church, maybe in a denomination or in a movement. God is the one that gives us that authority.

But all of us, no matter who we are, have been given the mantle of leading the church into the victorious glory of Jesus Christ in these last days. So, everyone has a role as a leader in somebody else’s life. If you’re a mom, dad, friend, grandfather, grandmother, you take the role of a leader every time you influence someone else.

I see leadership in two ways. I see organizational leadership, and I see relational leadership. Organizational leadership is where the church is stuck. We are stuck on organizational leadership, and we’re taking from the world’s model. In Mark 10, Jesus warns us about taking our leadership model from that of the world.

His model was relational leadership, which is not hierarchical. It’s not the idea that everybody has to bow to the top dog; it’s instead relational. If I were to define relational leadership in one word, I would say “example.” It’s being an example. You are an example of Jesus.That is the measure of your spiritual authority and your spiritual leadership. Think about the people who have most influenced you in your life. I bet it was relational leaders. I bet it was somebody in high school or in college or, as you move through the stages of life, somebody that loves you. Somebody that believed in you, spoke to your destiny, and spoke to your calling. Relational leaders are the ones God is anointing in these last days.

Brian Simmons

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