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Passion Israel Tour

October 30–November 8, 2024
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Make 2024 your year to join us in Israel!

When I left the United States I was hoping for a fire to be relit in my heart. My husband died seven years ago; when he died part of me died. I got a word from the Lord and He said, “I am going to drench you with water and light you on fire.” That is exactly what He did. Since I’ve been home, the Glory of God falls on me every day. He didn’t just light a fire, He lit a bonfire in my heart. Thank you for an amazing, life-changing trip.

- Israel participant 2022

Pray, Worship, and Walk in the Land of Jesus

Experience Jesus like never before.

Christians from around the world regularly make pilgrimages to the Holy Land of modern Israel and discover more of the fire of God as they touch the land where faith, history, the Word, and the Spirit came together and released the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world. Be part of a passion and Spirit-filled journey to the land where Jesus walked! Join Brian and Candice Simmons as they take you on a journey through the land where The Word Himself walked, taught, loved, gathered, performed miracles, endured the cross, and rose to life!


Discover the Land of Jesus

“Surely God is present in this place.”
(Genesis 28:16)
  • Follow along Jesus’ footsteps as we visit the Sea of Galilee, the Jordan River Valley, Samaria, and Jerusalem.
  • Re-trace the journeys of Jesus in and around Jerusalem, leading up to His death and resurrection, as we visit the Mount of Olives, the Garden of Gethsamane, the Via Dolorosa, and the Garden Tomb.
  • Visit the Dead Sea and take a swim in the most unique body of water on earth.
  • Visit places of extraordinary history and God encounters in the wilderness of the Judean desert.
  • Enjoy the message of Bliss on the Mount of Beatitudes.
  • Take communion at the Garden Tomb.
  • Tour the legendary sites where miracles, signs and wonders took place.
  • Gain insights and revelation as Dr. Brian teaches from the Passion Translation throughout the tour.

I went into this trip not knowing what to expect, and I gotta say this blew anything I could have thought out of the water. Each day we were able to do a fair amount of sight seeing and all of the teachings and worship that accompanied the sights was incredible. It was so much fun and beautiful yet also so deep and impactful. The highlight for me most definitely was the baptisms at The Jordan. I feel so much was imparted to me on this trip and so much shifted in me as a result that is hard to put into words! Would recommend for anyone considering going to Israel, take the leap!

- Israel participant 2022

An unforgettable opportunity with the Simmons & the Tubbs!

the Passion Translation and Transformation of the Nations TOGETHER IN PARADISE!

Candice and I have a deep partnership with Mark and Ann Tubbs. In this season, we recognize there are key people invested in our ministries who would like to connect with us and like-minded believers. This Israel trip is the perfect opportunity!  Our trip will include the tour, powerful teaching,  great food and wonderful community. In addition, there will be times of ministry and refreshing. Won’t you join us?


With Jake Stemo

Presence Worship is a ministry from Wichita Kansas led by Jake & Micah Stemo they have a passion to minister to the heart of the Lord and a vision to disciple worship leaders spiritually and musically for mission. Presence worship is compelled to see the next generation encounter the presence of Jesus; to worship Him, seek Him, and be changed by Him! Jake and Micah have been married 12 yrs and 3 amazing children. Jake has been leading worship in the church full-time for the last 12 years. God has blessed Jake with the opportunity to serve across denominational lines to see the kingdom of God manifest in powerful ways through many different streams. Jake’s heart is to see every person they minister to encounter the love of the father. You can follow them on Facebook or Instagram @presencewrsp or on our website


Holy Land Encounters

Encountering the heart of Jesus in His homeland—an experience unlike any other.

Imagine sailing with us on the Sea of Galilee and visiting the historically rich sites of Tel-Dan, Shiloh, Bethel, Masada, the Garden Tomb, Gethsemane, the Mount of Olives, Bethlehem, Rabbinical tunnels under the Temple Mount and so much more.

And amazing worship! Don’t miss it!

This tour is beyond my expectation. I was expecting to be on a tour – be shown the places of interest and some historical background. What I experienced was truly a spiritual journey and receiving God’s presence at every single site we visited. The worship team (thank you Presence Worship) was simply awesome and so blessed to have them on the trip. The teachings from Dr Brian Simmons, Weston, Mark and the all the other pastors – Candice, Tiffany, Stacey etc truly spoke to the core of my heart and spirit. I have grown in faith and spiritually from this trip. The people in the bus… I have never experienced such care and love from strangers who very rapidly became friends!

- Israel 2022 participant

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