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It is finished, Matthew that is!


Hello TPT friends!

Just a quick update. We’ve finished “Matthew— Our Loving King.” It has been turned over to our editorial team for a theological review and 4 professional editors. This is good! You should be able to download or purchase your copy in February 2015. I’ve already started on “ROMANS– Grace & Glory!” I’m about to finish the first chapter and hope to finish by March 1st.

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Brian Simmons

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Chapter 1 (DRAFT)

               ¹My name is Paul, and I am a love-slave[1] of Jesus, the Anointed One. He called me to be his apostle[2] and set me apart[3] with a mission to reveal the wonderful message of the goodness of God.[4] I write this letter to all his beloved chosen ones in Rome, for you have been divinely summoned to be holy in his eyes.[5] May his wonderful grace and total wellbeing rest upon you, flowing from our Father and the Lord Jesus, the Anointed One!

 ²This good news is not entirely new, but it is the fulfillment of hope promised us through the many prophecies found in the sacred Scriptures.[6] ³For the gospel is all about God’s Son! As a man he descended from David’s royal lineage,[7] ⁴but was raised from the dead and miraculously set apart as the mighty Son of God,[8] with a display of triumphant power through the Spirit of Holiness within him![9] And now he is our Messiah, our Lord Jesus, God’s Anointed One!

[1] 1:1 The Greek word, doulos, signifies more than a slave; it is one who has chosen to serve a master out of love, bound with cords so strong that it could only be severed by death.

[2] 1:1 Or, “his called apostle.”

[3] 1:1 Or, “permanently separated.” There is an interesting wordplay here with the Aramaic word for “separated,” it is the root word for “Pharisee,” a separated one. Paul is saying God is the one that separated him as uniquely God’s, as opposed to a self-righteous superiority. See also Galatians 1:15.

[4] 1:1 Or, “God’s good news.”

[5] 1:1 This sentence, although found in verse seven, has been placed here in Paul’s introduction for purposes of clarity.

[6] 1:2 This would include the types, shadows, and prophecies of the entire Old Testament. Paul quotes from the Hebrew Scriptures (Tanakh) over eighty times in Romans.

[7] 1:3 Or, “the seed of David.” Jesus was the “seed of the woman” in Genesis 3:15, the “seed of Abraham” in Galatians 3:16, and here in Romans 1, the “seed of David.” See also Acts 13:16-41.

[8] 1:4 Or, “marked as God’s Son in power.” The Greek word for set apart is horizo, or “the horizon.” It means, “to mark out the boundaries, to decree, or to define.” The horizon we move toward is Jesus!

[9] 1:4 Or, “the Holy Spirit.”

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