Brian & Candice Simmons | Passion & Fire Ministries

Our Vision

Our Vision

Passion & Fire Ministries is a vehicle to the nations that leads people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and a deeper revelation of Him as our Bridegroom King!

Passion & Fire Ministries is a conduit through which the Body of Christ can go up into a higher realm of seeing God’s promises ready to be fulfilled.

Passion & Fire Ministries is an instrument of change, in the hand of God, where true apostolic anointing is revealed in order to tear down the strongholds of religion and bring the freedom found only in Christ.

Passion & Fire Ministries seeks to be an example of integrity in ministry and what true spiritual ‘fathers and mothers’ look like in the Kingdom of God.

Passion & Fire Ministries is a means through which the body of Christ can begin to walk in a loving relationship with a God who will go to the end of the Earth to reveal himself to his Bride.