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PROPHETIC WORD for MARCH: Freedom from Fear


“The Lord is my Revelation Light to guide me along the way; He’s the Source of my salvation to defend me everyday. I fear no one! I’ll never turn back and run from You, Lord, surround and protect me.” -Psalm 27:1

Dear Passion Translation family,

What a beautiful month we had in February! We were gone from home ministering all but a few days. The Lord kept reminding me of my word about singing our way through the year, so although we felt extremely tired at times, we were able to sing our way through. God is so faithful! He’s gone before each one of us, and the provision is already there as we keep our focus on Him.

All our meetings, including our times with churches and leaders, exceeded our expectations. Thank you so much for your prayers! I’ve been hearing the Lord say several key things to me so far this month.

PROPHETIC WORD for MARCH: Freedom from Fear

Freedom from Fear!

The morning of March 1st I awoke singing this song:

“Through you the kingdom comes, Through you the battle’s won, Through you I’m not afraid, Through you the price is paid, Through you there’s victory, Because of you my heart sings, I am free, Yes, I am free!”

Almost immediately I heard the phrase, “I have taken captivity captive!” (Eph. 4:8) I began singing the familiar Bethel Song “I’m no longer a slave to fear, I am a child of God!” Watch as the Father breaks old fears off of you.

Things that have troubled you for a long time are coming to an end! He wants you to become a prisoner of His love where death is swallowed up, and only what pertains to life remains. Whatever you’re facing, there’s no room for fear in your heart any longer. As Paul was a prisoner of the Lord, so God is taking you as His love prisoner right now. Let Him lock you up in love and throw away the key. He’s taking your heart captive until there is no more room in the inn for fear.

He’s filling you with faith, hope and love and leading you in one continual triumph. You are His and He is yours. He’s set His love upon you so that you can make the jump! His arms are there to catch you! And He’s speaking “Faith” and “No Fear” over you right now! As a true son or daughter of God you are unquestionably free!” (John 8:36 TPT)

Liberators are rising up!

The first day of March on the Jewish calendar was the last day of Purim. (Purim is the Jewish holiday centered around the liberation of the Jewish people from the decree of Harman led by Queen Esther.) The last day of March is the beginning of Passover, the liberation of the Jewish people under the leadership of Moses. If that weren’t enough, if you were watching Billy Graham’s funeral, you may have heard Anne Graham Lotz call the time of her Father’s passing prophetic. She said that the Jews at that time were focused on reading scripture about how Moses led the people of Israel out of bondage much the same as her father led millions of people out of the bondage of sin. She said Moses was a great liberator, and her father was also a great liberator. She felt that her father’s passing was a shot heard across the bow telling the church to wake up!

Are you seeing the pattern? As I heard her speak I also heard the Lord say, “The young liberators, my Billy Grahams, are already being released to take his place for this is on my heart.” In light of this, I see the churches beginning to equip their people in Evangelism. Many future evangelists just need a little encouragement. Our own administrator, Tiffany, was one of those at one time. Someone took her with them to the streets just one time and that was all it took for her. In her first year she lead 500 people to the Lord and now her & her husband’s love is Evangelism.

The Lord is raising up more liberators—Billy Grahams are arising! They are already in our midst. Only this time we will have a new breed. They will move through compassion ministries and power gifts—gifts of healing, signs and wonders. This is the children’s bread. With the passing of Billy Graham, the doors of salvation have opened up even wider; great and effectual doors are open. (1 Cor. 16:9) Now it’s time to go through those open the doors!

New Assignments Released

I heard the Lord say that this month the Lord is liberating HIS people from old assignments. I saw Him issuing new ones. Just as the Lord’s disciples untied the colt at Passover, I heard the Father say, “The Lord has need of you!” Many of your old assignments were transitional and designed to bring you into the new season. You will begin to feel like “the weight of the world” has been lifted as you begin to move in more freedom and a greater release of your gifts!

Deliverance & A New Identity

I saw in a dream congregations immersed in worship and the Holy Spirit kiss of heaven engulfed them. It looked like people were actually losing physical weight. Like Alice in Wonderland, their clothes began to fall off of them. Then, almost immediately, it was as though Cinderella’s Godmother waved her wand in their direction, and everyone was instantly clothed in perfectly tailored outfits. Everyone looked stunning!

I came away from the dream realizing that we were going to begin to see more mass deliverances taking place in the midst of worship. More and more people are going to be set free as they are baptized in the cloud of His glory! We will also see more and more deliverance as Identity issues are settled. The Spirit of revelation is being released through the teaching of the Word—the whole counsel of the Father. In this way, the church is finally realizing her true identity in Christ.

As we see ourselves as one in Him—co- buried, co- crucified and co- risen—we will no longer cower from the enemy. For the Father is releasing the Spirit of Esther and of Moses. You will see people who were possessed with demons one day, being possessed with Holy Spirit and on fire for God the next!

Women Celebrated

The greater works are here, and like racehorses coming out of the gate, this next generation is arising—men and women alike! This generation of young men have no problem working along side of the women. Just as Esther was celebrated for the liberation of her people, this is only the beginning of women rising up as true deliverers alongside the men. Their mighty accomplishments will not be buried, but will be celebrated as they should be!

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