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Revelation Chapter 7

Encounter the living Christ in this Revelation Study.

4 Winds, 4 Angels,
and The Seal of God’s Servants

Revelation – The Unveiling of Jesus
Uncover why the book of Revelation was written and how to interpret its application to your life right now.

There are levels to understanding God’s Word. When the transcendent, glorious God gives us an inspired book, it compels us to dig deeper and look beyond the cursory meaning of words.

Yes, there is a plain and literal surface meaning to all that God has given us, but we know there is yet more to discover. The Bible is full of symbols, poetry, metaphors, and figurative language that engages our spirits, not merely our minds.

The prophetic writings of the Bible, including the book of Revelation, require that we look at them like gazing upon the finest piece of art.

They beg us to ponder, to inquire, to study further until they yield their beauty and meaning. With eyes opened by the Holy Spirit we find a spiritual application to all that is written, for that is where we touch the reality of God through his Word.


In this course, we will dive deep into the revelation of the four angels, the four winds, and the seal on God’s servants!

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You’ll be helping us do the work God has called us to and play an important role in completing the Passion Translation. We will be helping you grow in your bible understanding and spiritual maturity.

The Passion Translation is a vehicle to the nations that leads people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, and a deeper revelation of Him as our Bridegroom King! The Passion Translation is a conduit through which the Body of Christ can go up into a higher realm of seeing God’s promises ready to be fulfilled.

The Passion Translation is an instrument of change, in the hand of God, where true apostolic anointing is revealed in order to tear down the strongholds of religion and bring the freedom found only in Christ. The Passion Translation seeks to be an example of integrity in ministry and what true spiritual ‘fathers and mothers’ look like in the kingdom of God.

The Passion Translation is a means through which the body of Christ can begin to walk in a loving relationship with a God who will go to the end of the Earth to reveal himself to his Bride.

Get access to 9 powerful teachings that take you verse-by-verse through Revelation 7 and beyond!

About Brian and Candice Simmons
Brian and Candice have been described as true pioneers in ministry. As a spiritual father and mother, their teaching and spiritual gifts have opened doors in many nations to take the message of authentic awakening and revival to many. For the last 40 years, they have labored together to present Christ in His fullness wherever God sends them. Dr. Simmons is currently working as the lead translator of The Passion Translation.
Revelation 7
4 Angels, 4 Winds, & The Seal of God’s Servants
All this and more is waiting for you to discover in the pages of the book of Revelation!

The most deeply spiritual book of the New Testament is before you now. Revelation is a book written to satisfy your craving to be one with Jesus Christ. It is something that must be “eaten” (Rev. 10:9) if it is to be understood. It has the power to profoundly change a generation who gives heed to what has been written.

Of all the sixty-six books that comprise our Bible, the last book is meant to thrill and exhilarate the believer. A beautiful Christ is unveiled, and an overcoming company of saints is seen rising into his fullness.

The book of Revelation is exciting, powerful, dynamic, and more than meets the eye. It can be more to us than merely an unveiling of events to come; it can be an experience of encountering Christ. Revelation is a glory book and requires a glory heart to receive it
God is ready to unveil this book to those who are ready to embrace it, eat it, and live fully in the splendor of Christ.

This is more than a vision given to John; it is meant to be an inward discovery, a delightful unveiling within us. This is not a drama of Satan’s worst, but a supernatural drama of God’s best, pouring through his beautiful Son, Jesus Christ.

May the Lord himself, who inspired John to write the Revelation, inspire your heart as you read it to love Jesus more. And may this book be more than a manual of coming events, but also an unveiling of the coming King!

Dig in deeper as we continue this powerful journey into the heart of the unveiling of Jesus as we go verse-by-verse through Revelation chapter 7.