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September 2014 Letter


September 2014

Dear Stairway family,

This is the month and coming year (by the Jewish calendar) of heart change! I heard the Lordsay, “Can an old dog learn new tricks?” We all know that when the Lord asks us a question it’snot because He needs an answer, but it’s because we need to consider something.

Immediately I knew that the old dog had nothing to do with age, but with being stuck in our oldways, mainly because I’ve been having dreams of the Lord taking great pains to pry our fingersoff of our old ways of doing, being and understanding.

We are on the verge of unlearning and learning some things that we have previously had ourhearts closed to because of spiritual blindness built up in our hearts. God has much more thatHe wants to say to us, but we have not been ready to hear for ourselves like we should. Afresh understanding is ready to be poured out for those ready to receive! The Lord has shownme that there’s been a lot that we have missed when reading the Word and hearing the voiceof Holy Spirit because our hearts were not there. This season will be the “Ah-ha” season formany. Things that did not made sense before will begin to come together and make sense. Adeeper level of understanding is being imparted to the body of Christ as the Spirit ofUnderstanding is poured out in a greater measure, but you must be ready to embrace it. I’mnot talking about things necessarily lining up with the way you want things to be or want tohear them, that’s just one reason some have missed out. We will begin to understand in sucha way that life situations, plans and strategies will begin to make sense and lineup because ofa greater understanding of the Word and words that Holy Spirit has spoken.

And I hear the Holy Spirit say, “This is the season when the Spirit of Understanding will bepoured out in massive doses for those who are ready. Get ready and position your hearts toreceive! The books are being opened like never before in history and it’s time for you toreceive the increased measure of the Spirit of Understanding! He is about to clean out the oldunderstanding and our shaking is a part of it. What has looked like a mess, a problem, a trialand or tribulation is going to work together for good not only to help us open our eyes, but toposition us for the new. As your heart is postured to believe, God will overcome! Yourblinders are coming off and you will begin to see the areas in your own life; the places andthings that have not served you well and the things that have caused you to stagnant in areasthat you were unaware of before. As you allow the Lord to remove the places you have clungto for security, your understanding and your growth will be exponential! You will be filled with anew and increased filling of the Spirit of Understanding that will affect everything around you.

And there will be a cause and effect for good that only God could produce!

John 13:12-14 For all who listen with an open heart will receive more and more revelation untilthey have more than enough. But those who don’t listen with an open, teachable heart, eventhe understanding they think they have will be taken from them.

Ephesians 1:18 I pray that the light of God will illuminate the eyes of your imagination, floodingyou with light, until you experience the full revelation of our great hope of glory. We know thatis the reason He called you to Himself. And I pray that you explore and experience foryourselves all the riches of this wealth that has been freely given to all His holy ones, for youare His true inheritance!


TORRANCE, CA Passion & Fire Conference

What a wonderful weekend we had with the pastors and people at Coast Christian Fellowship inTorrance, CA at the Passion & Fire Conference. We were thrilled to have our dear friend, KennyPeavey of HRock leading worship the first night. Brian spoke on a combination of the Father’s love andthe Song of Songs. As he spoke you could feel the presence and pleasure of God enter the sanctuaryand at one point you could hear gentle weeping as hearts were being healed. As Brian finished hismessage he had a word of knowledge about the release of healing for a very serious brain tumor.

Immediately a father cried out for his 18 year old son and a woman came down for her sister. Thewhole place went into intercession and people from the audience gathered around each one to pray.

And then The Lord released more words of knowledge for healing. We sense God targeting CoastChristian with a powerful outpouring of healing!

Sunday morning we did two services. I shared a prophetic word each service and then Brian taught on”The Unshakeable Kingdom” at the first service and then changed his message (by the leading of HolySpirit) for the second service to “The Song of Songs”. The people were greatly moved each service.

Sunday night Brian shared translation secrets from translating the Passion Translation. One of hisbiggest discoveries lately has been the word “Epikaizo”, the outline of God coming upon His people. Ashe shared the atmosphere seemed to change and you could feel the heavy weighty presence of TheLord sweeping in! It was glorious! We ended the service with an “Epikaizo” tunnel, (a prayer tunnel),releasing prayer over each one that passed through. It was hard to leave that night! We all just wantedto remain there in the presence the rest of the night!


It was good to connect with our apostolic team members at the annual Leader Shift Conference.

Always love the wisdom imparted through all the meetings and especially through our beloved teamleaders, Che & Sue Ahn and our powerful friend & Father in the faith, Peter Wagner!

We enjoyed strategizing about the year ahead, videotaping for the new web site, sharing about our pastyear and meeting new members. And to top it off we had the opportunity to hear from and to bechallenged by all the anointed speakers, one of which was our own Grant Berry! Loved the conference!


We love Pastor James & Debbie, Isaac and their beautiful church! Pastor Debbie did a great jobleading the way this morning while Pastor James was in Toronto. Last night I had several dreamsabout the church

1. I saw that God is going to reveal the stronghold of New London, CT to Engaging Heaven Church &that they can get rid of it. (I saw a small den of vipers that were eradicated.)2. I saw That God will give them the password for the city! The Lord said, “It’s as simple as 123!”

(Nowadays everything has a password, a password is equivalent to the key.)3. God is making them influencers in their city!

4. The city will celebrate them. (I saw the city giving them a victory parade!)Go Engaging Heaven Church! We’re praying as you go out! Brian also prophesied a great word overthe church. He prophesied that they would be on TV & in the newspaper, that there would be atransition taking place by October & that the youth who left for camp the next day would come back witha greater anointing in their prayers that they would release over the body. Then Brian preached awonderful word on the treasures of God. What a great message to a great church! Thank you Lord!


How we love our Houston friends! They all made us feel so right at home. Thank you Pastors Tony& Sandy. You’re all so incredible! Friday night’s worship ushered in the presence. Many of the peoplehad to lay down on the floor as the glory of God swept into the room. And then Brian shared one of Hisrecent discoveries while translating, the word “Epikaizo”, which is the outline of God coming upon aperson. He took us through the scriptures and elaborated on the events and the people that God visitedwith this special anointing and more recently revivalists that have also carried this anointing. As hespoke you could feel the anointing increase in the room and we finally ended the service with an”Epikaizo” prayer tunnel. Wow! Many had to be carried to the side as they were unable to stand underthe heavy presence that came.

Sunday morning worship was sweet! We felt a special comradery with the pastors, leaders & people.

We loved worshipping with them. It reminded us of our former church, Gateway. And we were blessedto see our dear friends, Ronald & Doreen Bender, who traveled from a distance to see us. I had thehonor of sharing a few dreams I had for the church. And then Brian shared on “Unlikely Champions”.

He ended his message with the woman at the well, Photini. What a powerful message on how Godtakes a “nobody” and uses them for his glory. Then he gave a few words of knowledge that totallyblessed the hearers. Awesome morning! Thank you for your prayers!


6TH-7th Natick, MA, The Bridge, Pastors Paul & Deborah Guidry


12th (Fri.) Travel to Bundaberg with Pastors Royree & Dave Jensen

Minister at Living Word Fellowship; Pastors Dallas and Shirley Hobbs13th (Sat.) Meetings at TBC

14th (Sun.) Morning & Evening Services 9.30am & 5:00 pm

15th (Mon.) Return to Brisbane with Pastors Royree & Dave Jensen

16th (Tues.) Sydney, Jubilee Church, Pastors Fini & Isi De Gersigny, 7:30pm meeting17th (Wed.) Jubilee Church, 10am-12 noon meeting, School of the Prophets 5:30-7, 7:30 meeting18th (Thurs.) Fly back to Brisbane in the morning

Minister at Access Church, Pastors Charles & Nicole Lambalika in the evening19th (Fri.) Toowoomba, Victory Life; Pastor Jimmy Ninino

20th (Sat.) Brisbane, River of Live Church, Salty’s Dinner (Leadership)21st (Sun.) Brisbane, River of Life Church, 10am service

Brisbane, Glory City Church, 4pm

22nd (Mon.) Free Day

23rd (Tues.) PROPHETIC SUMMIT: Pastor Katherine Ruonala

24th – 26th Passion, Presence & Power Conference


27th (Sat.) TBD

28th (Sun.) TBD

29th Depart for U.S.A.


9TH-11th Brighton, MI, Floodgate Renewal Fellowship, Pastors Bill & Clara Bolin12th Farmington, MI, The Crossing, Pastors Randy & Debbie O’Dell17th-19th New England Ablaze

20th-29th Israel


2nd Harrisburg, PA, Life Center, Pastors Charles & Ann Stock

3rd-4th Harrisburg, PA, Global Celebration, School of the Supernatural, Georgian &Winnie Banov

14th-15th Saginaw, MI, School of the Supernatural, Pastors Richard and Pat Sayad16th Saginaw, MI, Saginaw Valley Christian Church

30th New London, CT, Engaging Heaven Church, Pastor James & Deb LevesqueEXCITING UPDATE ON THE PASSION TRANSLATION!

We’re very happy to announce that by the end of the month Broadstreet Publishers will beputting out all of our translations in new covers and totally updated! They also have plans toput out journals and other books along with a compilation of Brian’s daily devotion called “IHear His Whisper.” This will put us on fast forward and we’ll need to cut back on our travelingschedule somewhat. We appreciate your help in prayer and finances in finishing the entireNew Testament with Psalms, Proverbs and the Song of Songs by 2018. Look for some of ourbooks to be out in Walmart and Sam’s Club before the end of the year!

Right now Brian is working on Mathew chapter 19 at the moment. Here’s a look at Mathew18:11-15

¹¹He explained, “You’ve been given a wonderful privilege. You have been given insight into thehidden truths and mysteries of heaven’s kingdom-realm, but they have not. ¹²For all who listenwith an open heart will receive more and more revelation until they have more than enough.

But those who don’t listen with an open, teachable heart, even the understanding they thinkthey have will be taken from them. ¹³That’s why I teach the people using parables, becausethey think they’re looking for truth, but don’t ever discover it. Although they will listen to me,they never perceive the message I speak. ¹

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