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Stairway Newsletter – April 2016 – Restoration



We’re living in exciting days! God is on the move! One more church just started extended meetings last Monday night, The River Church in Jacksonville, FL! This is what Brian and I live for, revival! It coincides with the dreams that I’ve been having lately!

BrCa-AprHear what I’m hearing:
An exponential season of redemption and renovation is at hand! A time of great restoration has begun!

You will begin to see the enemy returning stolen treasures back to their rightful owners. Joel 2:25 “I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten.” The Lord is raising His hand and crying out as He shouts, “Give it back”. And I saw a form that looked like the Statue of Liberty and she began to tip her torch over the nations of the earth and it became the torch of the Lord in her hand. And as in the story of Gideon the light routed the enemy and like cockroaches they were exposed, trying to run for cover. But it was too late, the light had put them on notice and they knew that they were no match, so they dropped their treasures and ran.

It’s time to restore, build, plant and fish!

And I was taken to an abandoned building site and scaffolding began to go up as workers ran in to take back what squatters had overrun (for the workmen and the builders had been crying out for this day and were prepared to move in) and move in they did. They moved in to restore and reclaim. And in other areas I saw workers run in to tear down buildings and they replaced them with new and modern buildings. And farmers took back the fields and began to work the ground planting it for the great end time harvest. And Finally I saw waters that were polluted being cleaned and restored and the fishermen returning to their boats and to their nets! And I saw a huge harvest coming! Time to mend your nets and go fishing!

A month of new focus and clear perception! And I keep seeing crowds of people being offered new sunglasses (which I knew were son- glasses), because the sun was beginning to shine in a greater strength. And as they accepted their new designer-label glasses their eyes began to come into focus. And they began to see with a greater intensity and with a greater love, because they were His glasses, designed specifically for His end-time bride! And her eyes began to come into focus and many things that had been hidden in years past began to come to light! And the bride began to see things that she had never seen before!

This year is a year of new vision and a year of super-natural strengthening! Both the lost and the redeemed will receive new sight. Receive your sight today and be strengthened! When there’s no vision the people perish, (Proverbs 29:18), so it stands to reason that where there IS vision there is life! Watch as the church comes to life! Watch as the souls come in! It’s happening right before our eyes! The sleeping beauty is arising and the lost are coming in. Be kissed by your beloved and watch your strength return. Nothing can stop you now! You’re seeing too much. Revelation truth is pouring into you! Nothing can stop the progression of the bride now! Hope is rising and enemies are scattering! Thank you Lord!


We have canceled several of our TPT Bible Schools this year due to several prophetic words and counsel from our publishers and leaders. For more updates please go to our website

Tentative TPT Bible School Schedule

Aug. 23-25 Ephesians- Calgary, CA
Sept 15-17 Philippians – New London, CT
Oct. 13-15 John, Atlanta, GA

Passion Translation

BSP TPT logoWe just finished up both 1st and 2nd Corinthians. They’ll be coming out together in June. 1st & 2nd Thessalonians is our next project and when we get time we still want to get the “Miracles In Your Wilderness” book out. Right now the only new TPT Bible School course this year will be the book of John to be taught in Atlanta. All the others will be course repeats of Ephesians and Philippians. You can check for a school near you. And soon you’ll be able to sign up for online courses. We’ll keep you posted.

We’ve set a goal of completing the entire New Testament with Psalms, Proverbs and the Song of Songs by 2017 the entire Bible in 2023. You can pick up your copies of The Passion Translation from our web site. Please let all your friends know about it!

A Thank you to our Partners

If you’re a partner we’ll automatically send you each new book of the translation (This does not include the other books, only the translation.) as it comes out as our gift to you! You can also donate to our travels overseas where we affect the nations! We may be in Israel, our first trip of the year, by the time you receive this letter! We have another exciting year of travel! We appreciate all the ways that you stand with us to get the job done!

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Thank you!


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