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Stairway Newsletter – July 2016 – His Glorious Palm Tree



Dear Stairway Family,
We’ve really been blessed in all our travels. The Lord’s gracious favor has been poured out upon us, over and over. It’s always so good to see so many of you wherever we go! Thank you for your love and for being a significant part of all we do!
In my dreams for this month I’ve seen many, many new moves. People moving into new buildings (not necessarily physical new buildings, but new as in different). Also seeing many people getting out on the road for the first time and wondering if their car (a symbol for ministry or life in dream language) will hold up.
This is what I hear the Lord saying,
“I am the God of the new and what was once sufficient changes over time as Holy Spirit moves from what was to what is ready to be!” This is the month that many around the world are in the midst of the beginning something new and fresh. Many of our plans come with expiration dates. When we see God moving on, it’s time for us to move on too. Many of our old ways of doing things will not suffice and will not work in this new season. God is passing out fresh new blueprints. There’s a fresh new fragrance is in the air! Many are stepping into new territory. You’ve not been this way before, but He has. He’s gone before you and has mapped it all out for you. And His plan as it fully comes into view is too beautiful for your loftiest imagination right now.  And He’s leading you step by beautiful step into it!
At times you will only be able to fall into His loving arms. For there will be times that you will feel like you’ve come up against a wall. And when you realize you have no strength and feel that you have lost your way I see Him lifting you gently up and over. And when you are on the other side you must take time to stop, wait, look and listen and you’ll hear His song. For His Voice will lead you forward into beautiful and more spacious horizons. For He has equipped you and is launching you into greater realms of His glory. To know and be known of Him.
And in knowing Him you will find your greatest peace and greatest hope to move forward. For in that place you will encounter His heart & be kept safe in your journey forward. So don’t be afraid to try new endeavors and to stop those things that have run their full course. For Holy Spirit anointing is moving from what once was to what is ready to be!
And I hear the Lord saying that you are His glorious palm tree.
Psalm 92:12
“The righteous will flourish like a palm tree, they will grow like a cedar of Lebanon.”
2 Cor. 2:15
“Yes! Look how you’ve made all your lovers to flourish like palm trees, each one growing in victory, standing with strength!”
The Lord says,
“I am making my people rooted, fruitful and fragrant. You are a Psalm One people. Nothing will be able to move you from the brooks of bliss for you are firmly planted there & have refused to walk in the ways of the unrighteousness. For you know your calling. And it’s a calling to soar with Eagle’s wings to soar above the status quo & above the thinking of this cruel world. For yours is the calling of the highest & He has called you both higher and deeper at the same time.”
And your hope reaches up into the heavenlies and your anchor has found its Hope in the Holy place anchored to His mercy. You have a hope that is both strong & unbreakable, holding your soul to God Himself and fastened to the His mercy seat and to His heart. Hebrews 6:19
And your roots have gone down deep, for you operate in my love. Love has been your sure foundation.  And the Lord is now taking your love to a new dimension. For God is knocking off everything that does not look like love.
And any problems you face will only be bumps in the road that God will use for good. For He is the redeemer God! He is making your house, your ministry and you over into a more glorious vessel. Whatever the enemy tries to use against you for evil God is going to use for good. God the redeemer sits in heaven on His throne and laughs as He opens up a new broader path of victory for you.
And your fruit will be huge like the grapes of the promised land for He’s giving you the faith of Joshua & of Caleb and everyone from all around will see your fruit and hear of your fruit and will come to taste your fruit because you are an overcomer. For the Lord says that by your fruit you will be known.
And you will also be known by your fragrance. For you walk in His aroma leaving His fragrance where ever you go and through the trials you suffer the fragrance will only increase
bringing you out into an even greater expanse!
So say goodbye to the past.  It has no future for you!
For you are lovers of God & troubles, pressures and problems will not keep you away from Heaven’s love.
Ro. 8:35 TPT

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