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Stairway Newsletter – March 2016 – March Forward



SimmonsSo stirred about this year and this month. God is really moving His church forward! There have been several wonderful moves of God breaking out in our nation and in the nations of the earth. And we’re sensing more on the horizon. Like Elijah who saw the cloud the size of a man’s hand and called in the rain during a drought, so by faith I’m calling forward the move of God on the earth. May it be a move that touches every realm of society like we’re seeing in Aruba! And we’re already sensing everywhere we go! It’s not going to be limited to one locale for He’s moving across the earth! It’s a seismic shift of huge proportions!

Just a few nights ago as I was dreaming I sat straight up and nearly jumped out of bed when I heard the Lord say, “Come on up!” I’d been dreaming about people who were carrying their ladders with them everywhere they went! God is raising us up as a people who literally live, move and have our beings in heavenly places. It’s no longer the prophetic few that are hearing God’s voice, but the church is waking up to the voice of the bridegroom that’s in the land. We are ascending in prayer and bringing back down the mandates of Heaven and we’re seeing His will being worked out in and through us!

And the Lord spoke to me and said that as March is always a transition time in the natural (a change in the seasons), so it is in the Spiritual. We’re seeing so many ministries in transition; especially as the Apostolic and the five-fold ministries in the church are being fully recognized and set in place. Those who have been apostles, but have been pastoring and others that have waited to be affirmed in their calling will be released into their destiny. And because so many are now beginning to be shifted into the ministry of their true gifting we will begin to see much more productivity and quality. Many projects that have been put on the back burner until now will come to fruition and be fulfilled this year. For as I prophesied in January “this is a year of finishing projects” and as people are promoted and shifted into position many things that were hindered previously will begin to finally take shape.

Like Joshua and the people crossing over the Jordan we will see many step into their long awaited inheritance this year as God releases the Joseph’s from prison to be advanced into their dreams. For leadership is shifting and as leaders advance others will rise up to take their place and fill those positions that have opened up. And new ministries are being birthed everywhere we look. And each new ministry requires leaders. And this new breed of leader has gone through a preparation period by God. And like Joseph, David and Moses they’re being taken out of their prisons, their fields and deserts. God is repositioning His body for kingdom advancement!

This month let’s lift the lid off and allow great faith to take hold of you. For we have only begun to see the greater works of Jesus operating in and through us. And the Lord is about to release great exploits through ordinary people. And I heard God say as He told Joshua to tell the people “Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you!” Today I will begin to exalt you in the eyes of all Israel, so they may know that I am with you as I was with Moses.” Time to leave unbelief and grumbling behind! It was unbelief that kept the children of Israel in the wilderness. We don’t have to make the same mistake in this a year of rapid change. He has provided all the strength & courage that we need. Cross on over! It’s time to speak out your prophesies, and watch the amazing things that God does among us!

I had a dream years ago where I was in our church auditorium when I noticed that there was a door open in the ceiling that I had never seen before. So I got a very, very tall ladder and went up! I couldn’t believe my eyes, there was a huge warehouse with the loading dock door open and a truck had backed up and dumped every kind of gift you could possibly imagine on the dock. And as I looked up from there I saw yet another door even higher and it too was open!

And I thought to myself, “I had no idea that I had access. We are now in that season! The season of the open door! The season of gifts and favor. The season for stepping out in great faith! Time to get out of the boat of comfortability like Peter! Time to risk! Time to jump in or be left behind. I’m ready to jump in with both hands and feet! How bout you! It’s time to see the kingdom of God come to earth through us!


We have canceled several of our TPT Bible Schools this year due to several prophetic words and counsel from our publishers and leaders. For more updates please go to our website

Tentative TPT Bible School Schedule

Aug. 23-25 Ephesians- Calgary, CA
Sept 15-17 Philippians – New London, CT
Oct. 13-15 John, Atlanta, GA

Passion Translation

BSP TPT logoWe just finished up both 1st and 2nd Corinthians. They’ll be coming out together in June. 1st & 2nd Thessalonians is our next project and when we get time we still want to get the “Miracles In Your Wilderness” book out. Right now the only new TPT Bible School course this year will be the book of John to be taught in Atlanta. All the others will be course repeats of Ephesians and Philippians. You can check for a school near you. And soon you’ll be able to sign up for online courses. We’ll keep you posted.

We’ve set a goal of completing the entire New Testament with Psalms, Proverbs and the Song of Songs by 2017 the entire Bible in 2023. You can pick up your copies of The Passion Translation from our web site. Please let all your friends know about it!

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