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Stairway Newsletter – May 2016 – Mercy Missions



This month we have lots of family gatherings on our calendar; a graduation, a birthday, a wedding, and a family meet & greet. It’s going to be a great month for us! We’re petitioning the Father of glory to reign down His favor upon our family and yours as well!
BrianCandiceProphetically for this month, on April 30th, I heard the Lord say, “May is mercy missions month“. And almost simultaneously I heard, “mercy planet”. God is calling a people rich in mercy to arise! For mercy triumphs over judgment! Jas. 2:13 It’s time for God’s people to major in mercy instead of majoring in judgment. He’s calling a people full of mercy to call people out of darkness into His marvelous light!
We will win more people with mercy than with words of angry exhortation! The lost have been taken captive and our words of love will cut the chains that bind them! It’s time to take the gospel with acts of mercy; to serve the orphans and widows, to feed the poor, to give clothing, to teach people job skills, to build homes, to give out school supplies, to build water-systems, and plant churches, heal the sick, raise the dead and reach the lost!
Also the Father impressed on my heart that we’re on the verge of another missionary movement. This is the time that we will see both young and old arising to take the nations. The signs of revival breaking out in the earth have been pointing the way. We’ll see a new hunger to see the nations of the earth saturated with the gospel! On May 1st I woke up to the Lord saying loud and clear, “May day, May Day! We need help over here!” God is calling out new recruits and He’s passing out marching orders. An army is arising! Ps. 110:3 His people will volunteer freely in the day of His power!
PrayerMeetingIf you’ve been considering a mission’s trip, a mission’s career or participating in a mercy outreach God is saying now is a good time for you to get your things in order. The favor is here for mission endeavors! He’s beginning the process of “untying” many of you from previous obligations so that you can go! Watch as the pieces come together as He connects and opens the doors for you to go freely. I see the green light on! Two-thirds of God is go. The other third is for those who are truly called to stay, pray and give. They too will have their fires lite; fires to keep the home front burning with prayer and finances. It’s time to release the power and the strength of the gospel to all the nations like we’ve never seen before!

And the Lord says, “Have no fear my beloved for I have gone ahead of you and prepared the way. Before you were even born I laid out your plans. You need not worry for I will carry you there and will be with you for you are my beloved! And you will see signs and wonders and will be amazed at how I move through you! Get ready for Holy Spirit to break through and break out using you as His holy instrument!”

Here’s a Facebook post from our granddaughter, Brianna that I love: “Let your dreams be bigger than your fears, your actions louder than your words and your faith stronger than your feelings!”

“Lord, rule in the midst of your enemies! Your people will be your love offerings like living sacrifices spilled out before you! In the day of your mighty power you will be exalted, and in the brightness of your holy ones you will shine as an army arising from the dawning rays of a new day, anointed with the dew of your youth!” Ps. 110:2b-3 The Passion Translation


Ephesians has been LAUNCHED online and Philippians is coming soon! Check it out at the website:

Tentative in-person TPT Bible School Schedule

Aug. 23-25 Ephesians- Calgary, CA
Sept 15-17 Philippians – New London, CT
Oct. 13-15 John, Atlanta, GA

Passion Translation

BSP TPT logoWe just finished up both 1st and 2nd Corinthians. They’ll be coming out together in June. 1st & 2nd Thessalonians is our next project and when we get time we still want to get the “Miracles In Your Wilderness” book out.

We’ve set a goal of completing the entire New Testament with Psalms, Proverbs and the Song of Songs by 2017 the entire Bible in 2023. You can pick up your copies of The Passion Translation from our web site. Please let all your friends know about it!

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If you’re a partner we’ll automatically send you each new book of the translation (This does not include the other books, only the translation.) as it comes out as our gift to you! You can also donate to our travels overseas where we affect the nations! We may be in Israel, our first trip of the year, by the time you receive this letter! We have another exciting year of travel! We appreciate all the ways that you stand with us to get the job done!

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