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Stairways Newsletter – October 2015


Dear Stairway family/

brian-candice-OctWe were so incredibly blessed and spoiled, to be able to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles in Jerusalem this year. We’ve been in the land many, many times before, but never during the feasts. And while we were there celebrating the feast of harvest with the Jewish community the Lord spoke to me that not only have we entered into the greatest end-time harvest, but this is the beginning of a turnaround & turnover year.

I saw people doing counter marches (a maneuver done by a marching band). He said, this is the beginning of a u-turn and an about face starting this month. And the about face is all about His face and in particular his eyes and what He’s seeing. I saw people rethinking old thought patterns and old ways of seeing things.

We are beginning to take on His eyes. And those that feel like they’ve been in the wilderness are coming out. The very word wilderness means “the place of speaking”. God has been speaking and people are going to begin to take hold of what He’s saying, which will in turn affect the way the church sees. And now you will begin to feel the ship shift and take to the sees. The books are being opened as the Spirit of understanding began to pour out last year as God promised me. (See my word for the beginning of the Jewish New Year last year).

For the Lord will not allow His bride to stay in the wilderness for the preparations for her coming out party are upon us. She’s coming out of hiding! The demarcation line has been drawn and God the Father is healing her and bringing her up and out. She’s coming up out of her wilderness wandering of not knowing what to do or where to go for God has taught us how to lean on His breast and to hear His heart. And in this next season those who have come out leaning and listening will make it. But we can no longer pretend that we’re leaning and listening if we’re not. The day of the pretender is ending. For those who come out of hiding and are only pretending to lean and listen will have a very difficult time.

For God is bringing things up in our heart of hearts. He’s pushing it up and out and we will not be able to hide it. When you least want or expect it he will bring it up! For His desire is to see His family dwelling together in peace and harmony. So He’s about to clean up some old stuff, stinky stuff that has been pushed back hoping it would go away.

For He’s in the business of making all things new. And some of the old stuff has to go and has do with our reconciliation with others. We have seen many good signs of reconciliation and it has been prophesied over and over, but there are many that move in unbelief and feel that there’s just no way. But God is a good God and the things are impossible with man are possible with God. He’s in the business of redemption. And He will be the instigator and when we see and hear the signs that He is setting things in motion we need to run and offer ourselves as willing participants in His miracle. For He’s working behind the scenes with His hidden left hand of unseen power.

And as we look out at the beautiful leaves of the nations that are beginning to bud in some countries, while in other places are taking on their beautiful autumn colors, may they remind you of the beautiful

healing that he plans to do in and through you as He brings things back around in your heart. For He’s getting us ready for the great harvest that is to come and is already upon us. And He will have His way with His bride making us pure & spotless. For He loves us too much to leave us shrouded in the dark shadows of the past. Instead He’s making us radiant and glorious as He begins His process of going deep into the hidden places of our hearts to clean it out & make us even more whole by kissing us with the revelation of His love.

And from out of those who allow His voice to affect the way that they see, God will raise up deliverers!

1 John 3:2 “For we know that when Christ appears (when we look at His face) we shall be like Him, for we shall see Him as He is!”

It all depends on what you see… so what is it you’re seeing? This is an about face time. Are you seeing His face. Or…are you seeing the enemy in the land? Song of Solomon 7:12, “Let us arise and run to the vineyards of your people and see if the budding vines of love are now in full bloom. We will discover if their passion is awakened. There I will display my love to you”.

Oct-Graphic2015The ship is about to turn around on the sees! The eyes of those who see as He sees. Which is it? Giants or grasshoppers, bones or an army? We’re about to have a revival of love! And it all start’s with Face Time!!!!

Get ready for things to turn as we see His face and hear His voice, for the vines will begin to blossom with His unconditional love!




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