The anointing of heaven can prosper you.


God loves to promote his service. Women and men of God that love him. He has his eyes upon you. He’s watching. He’s even testing us at times. And seeing if we’ll be the righteous example, the godly leader that he wants us to be. And when he sees that coming forth in our life, promotion comes and favor increases influence expands and, even financial blessing. I don’t know why we would ever limit God’s blessing to just spiritual blessings. In the Old Testament, God made people rich. He made them filthy rich. The anointing of heaven can prosper you. It can bless you. It can bring promotion to your leadership at work. And in ministry, we don’t set our heart on riches. The love of money is a root of evil, but we set our heart on pleasing him.

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Dr. Simmons is the author of numerous books that promote the redemption and reconciliation of the nations through Christ and extension of His kingdom. His bestselling book, The Journey of the Bride, has been translated into Korean and French and has now been reprinted as The Sacred Journey.
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