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The Elevator for Transformation | May 2019 Newsletter


I feel as though we’re in the days of transformation! But as with everything, before the world can be transformed, we must be transformed first!

I’m hearing the Lord say that He has dreams and plans that far exceed anything that we could think up on our own and that it’s in the secret place that we’ll discover His dreams for us. In the secret place we will find our marching orders.

He’s wanting to take us to another level in our intimacy and both Brian and I are both feeling the urgency to press into prayer. We’ve entered some of the most strategic times in all of history! A time that will make it or break it! As we press into Him not only will we be able to change history, but we’ll be changed as well.

Elevator of affirmation

I’ve been having elevator dreams night after night. And the Lord told me that He intends to elevate the church in the eyes of the world. The elevators in my dreams have gone up, gone down and even sideways. I’ve heard the Lord saying that He’s going to elevate us in every way and in every direction and in every part of the earth. Jesus places us in His elevator of affirmation and love, and we’re made over into His beautiful likeness. 1 John 4:2 says that when we see Him for who He is we will be like Him and we will be transformed.

Once we see how much He loves us it’s all over! Instant make-over! It’s not about us cleaning up the outside of the pot even though, the pot may need it. But it’s all about seeing Jesus and
being transformed by His love. Transformation goes heart deep. We have entered a time of heart deep transformation.

Rules and regulations

(What transformation isn’t)

Transformation and renewal doesn’t come from rules and regulations. Not that we aren’t to obey the scriptures, but obedience comes out of a heart of love for our beloved Jesus, who gives us the power to obey. It begins with knowing and communing with our lover friend, who loves us like no other! When we know Christ and His love for us, we are transformed in a way nothing else can!


Some of you have had real setbacks lately, but I hear the Lord saying that He will turn those setbacks and use them for a greater glory! For He has seen the way that you were treated and the things that your endured. But you have never stopped being the object of His affection. Here’s what God is saying about the setback and the pain you have endured in recent days!

The footnote for Genesis 3:16 in the Passion Translation says this: God never births pain. The enemy does, but even in times of pain God will turn it around for our good. For often in times of pain and disappointment, God will release creativity. Take the example of childbirth, “God said to the woman, I will cause your labor pains in childbirth to be intense with pain and you will give birth to children.”

The word ‘pain’ in this instance is the Hebrew word etsev, a homophone that can also mean creativity. God will use our painful situations to birth and express His beautiful creativity through us. How many works of art, compositions of music, and powerful acts of kindness have been born through the “labor pains’ of our sometimes troubled past. Pain can become the incubator of creativity and beauty.”

The devil can’t win! We must learn to turn our sorrows over to the Lord. Then as we lay our head on Jesus’ chest and we will hear His heartbeat beating for us. And the Father will give us double for all our trouble! And the enemy will regret it!

Prov. 26:27 says, “Go ahead (devil) set a trap for others – and then watch as it snaps back on you! Start a landslide and you’ll be the one who gets crushed!”

When we look to the Father, He will use the pains of life to birth creativity and even transformation. You’re already in His heavenly elevator. What an intimate love He has for us, just take it!

(This is taken from the “Sacred Journey“)

It’s time to discern the new day of destiny breaking out around you? Let a new song be released in your heart; the break-through is close at hand.Unbelief may have held you back before, but no more for your eyes are illuminated and a new realm is opening up before you. This is your day of seeing what has always been there, but invisible to you. It’s a new day to see what God has prepared for you as His lover-friends. It’s time to see the angel armies surrounding you like Elisha’s servant saw, ushering you into the wonderful new day of adventure and

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