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The Passion Translation Project is Moving Forward!


We are releasing the newest installment, John, Eternal Love the first week of December! I know you’ll love reading this new, dynamic version of the Bible.

Next in line is Acts, to the Lovers of God. We plan on releasing it along with the 2nd Edition of Luke in one volume (Luke & Acts, to the Lovers of God) in the summer of 2014. This monumental project is truly going to touch millions of English speakers around the world. We get daily feedback from pastors and churches about how TPT has impacted their lives. So encouraging! Please let your friends and family know about this project and don’t forget that TPT is the Word of God and makes an excellent Christmas gift.

We’ll leave you with a taste of John, Eternal Love:

This is what Jesus prayed as He looked up into heaven,

“Father, the time has come.

Unveil the glorious splendor of Your Son,

So that I will magnify Your glory!

You have already given Me authority

Over all people so that I may give

The gift of eternal life

To all those that You have given to Me.

Eternal Life means to know and experience You

As the only True God,

And to know and experience Jesus Christ,

As the Son whom You have sent.

I have shown the world Your glory

By faithfully doing everything You’ve told Me to do.

So My Father, restore Me back to the glory

Which we shared together when We were face to face

Before the universe was created.”

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Dr. Simmons is the author of numerous books that promote the redemption and reconciliation of the nations through Christ and extension of His kingdom. His bestselling book, The Journey of the Bride, has been translated into Korean and French and has now been reprinted as The Sacred Journey.
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