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Transformation for Reformation – September 2017


Thank you team for covering us so faithfully! Brian and I are so excited about the times we’re living in. We had an amazing Global Summit in Pasadena, CA with HIM where we heard wonderful stories from around the world of miracle after miracle of ministers being favored in their cities, regions and nations. It is unprecedented. We’re seeing the grace of God promote many of our Apostles to the top of the seven mountains. And many are even being given buildings and finances to go with it. Zeph. 3:9 “In the end I will turn things around for the people.”

And before that we were with Stacey and Wesley Campbell, who have been meeting with high ranking government and church officials in the nations that are showing glimmers of hope for John 17 unity that Jesus spoke of; a unity that comes under the headship of Christ. We are living in a day of turnaround as we approach the 500th year anniversary of the Reformation of the church in church history. Even as the world struggles the Father is working behind the scene in the church.

I feel like the word for this season is definitely transformation as we move toward reformation. Transformation in definition is a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance. And reformation means making changes to something with the intention of setting it back on the right path. God is doing a transformational work in our churches and in our hearts in the way that we operate and think so that He can use us as ones who bring reformation.

In wake of the hurricane & floods in Texas recently (here in the US) I keep hearing Texans prophesying to one another that hope is rising up out of the flood waters. What the enemy meant for evil God will turn around for good. Houston and the surrounding areas will be transformed. It will take a while, but Houston will be rebuilt! And Houston and the surrounding areas will be transformed! The people there are coming together like never before and God is using it to bring family members, neighbors, friends and communities closer to one another.

The turn around God will come to turn it all around. And some will relocate, but even in that many will look back like Joseph to realize that although God did not send the hurricane, the Lord will have His way in the end. For the Holy Spirit is hovering over that area and releasing a spirit of hope that will strengthen His people. And they will come together and a spirit of gratitude like never before will be released; a gratitude that says, “I am just thankful to be alive”. And a new strength and resilience is arising in God’s people there. And they will come out feeling stronger than ever. And there will be a reshaping and reforming of Houston. The enemy will not have the last word! *

And for the church in general I have had so many dreams in the last few months of God removing things out of our lives and replacing them with things that are much better for us. In one dream we were all losing baby teeth so that new ones could come in. The Father Is not happy that many have settled into a place of mediocrity and have been unable to let go and move forward. Like Abraham with Lot we have held on tight to what the Lord has told us to leave or to remove. It may be a business partner, or maybe a roommate, a boy or girlfriend, a place, a position, an opinion, mindset, or maybe a way of doing something. It may be the fear of the new, passivity, laziness that has caused us to stalemate. But now in this season you will begin to see things change for the better as the Father is opening our hands to let go. And no matter how hard we try to hang on He is coming to break us free. For we’re in the days of the Father’s preparation of a new wine skin that will contain the new wine. And He is jealous for the new wine. Although you may not enjoy the process you will enjoy the end product.

And so don’t kick at the pricks that the enemy may have sent you. For no matter the difficulty the Lord is about to make your desert blossom like a rose. And the lily of the valley will rise up among my the thorns. “As you’re thoughts are kept on Me,” the Lord says, you will come out victorious!!” Prov. 16:3-4 “Before you do anything, put your trust totally in God and not in yourself. Then every plan you make will succeed. For the Lord works everything together to accomplish His purpose.Even the wicked are included in His plans-He sets them aside for the day of disaster.”

It truly is time to surrender to His process! He has gone before & prepared a New wine skin for you. It’s like the shedding of the cocoon of the butterfly. You will look back and realize the constraint of the place that once held you tight, the old & the familiar, but now you have wings and can soar (my prophesy at the beginning of this year). He has a more abundant life waiting for you around the next corner.

I prophesy that in this time of shifting, this time of tearing and uprooting God is going to come and lift you up and give you His supernatural peace and joy, the fullness of who He is. And the fullness of His love & power will take over; take over your families, your churches and your lives until you are so full that He overflows from you and Holy Spirit spills out and like a river to everything in your paths. And cities and nations will be affected. For the Father is busy doing a transformative work in our hearts. He is busy aligning our condition to our position. He is dedicated to seeing (us) His soon to be glorious bride glistening with the imputed light of heaven’s glory radiating from us. This is a time of great transformation! All that you’ve been through prior to this is just our preparation for what is ahead. And this is only the beginning!


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